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Our pinless long distance service enables you to place calls from the US to anywhere in the world without entering a pin number. Just dial our Toll-Free or Local Access Numbers and enter your destination number. It's that simple. Sign up now and see for yourself.
You can call from home, your cell phone, or any phone you use regularly. There are no irritating connection charges, no monthly fees so characteristic of calling cards and related services.
Yes, we are much better and cheaper than calling cards, and we offer you quality they can't even come near. We save you a bundle on the major carriers while offering you the same quality and reliability of service.
Those great rates are the same 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for business and residential customers. Take control now and say goodbye to those endless restrictions based on time of day, or day of the week.

To start using the service, simply tell us up to 10 telephone numbers you wish to register. Then just dial our access numbers from any of the registered phones, and our system will connect you without asking for a PIN.
To save time, simply save our access numbers on your phones' speed dial.

You can use our web site to manage your account and conduct a wealth of activities on line such as:

  • Recharge your account.
  • See details of the calls you have made.
  • See your balance.
  • Automatic recharge. Simply tell us how much to recharge your account for when your balance falls below a certain level, and you'll not have to worry about recharging your account manually each time. It's simple, efficient, time saving, and gives you peace of mind.

TopUp Service: Service designed for the recipient. With the Idealtel Recharge (TopUp) service, the sender can also buy minutes for their loved ones in over 50 countries. The recipient’s cell phone will receive a confirmation message via SMS. offers unparalleled service and more benefits than any other long distance service provider.

Call us at (305) 816-0005 or email us at Customer Services and let us show you how you can drastically lower your long distance calling costs without sacrificing quality.

Contact Info
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Customer service phone number
(305) 816-0005
(866) 918-7622

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